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We are passionate about education

What we are hoping to achieve?
Our primary mission is to provide information, guidelines and tools for 11 Plus exam  preparation. We aim to create a level playing field for all children to realise their true potential. Our dedicated professionals have many years of experience and proven record in teaching, learning psychology and methodology.

Our track record in 11 Plus success speaks for itself. Let the parents of our recent pupils tell you about us.

Here is one of the testimonials. We will alternate many of these letters weekly.

Level Playing Field

Liberating Excellence

While we can not promise our guidance will guarantee a place for your child in one of the top selective schools, we strive to help you create a level playing field for your child to succeed.

Involving parents at every step of the way during the tuition process, we have so far succeeded in achieving a track record which is second to none. With the help of our own tailor made, tried and tested resources, we have helped many children over the years to secure places in top 11 Plus schools.

100 per cent Success

Winning The Future

Our Mission

Our Vision

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We are passionate about what we have set out to do. With your participation, we are confident we can make a difference instilling children with the trust in their ability to win their future.

We believe, every child, given the chance, can achieve a great deal. This is the most valuable and eternally refreshing conviction we inherited from our long involvement in the teaching profession.

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